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Social Opportunities

One of the most difficult challenges for seniors is maintaining or finding relationships with people from their generation who share their interests, experiences, and hobbies. This peer interaction is essential for a healthy retirement and aging. Social isolation is unhealthy for people of all ages but particularly older adults. It can lead to depression, dementia and other complications related to stress.  Active socially engaging environments help seniors retain health, happiness and a general sense of purpose.


The physical health benefits of socializing are equal to those of physical exercise. The feeling of being worthwhile and loved leads to a longer life. Not only do strong social connections help you live longer, they also aid in better intellectual performance.


The Adult Resource Alliance offers programs and outings to seniors that are intended to promote fulfillment and are designed specifically to meet their wide-ranging interests, needs, and abilities.  Check out the local Senior Centers for activity ideas and the Alliance sponsored trips in association with Group Destination Planners.