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Minor Home Repair


As people age, so do many of their homes and the need for even minor home repairs can become a threat to the homeowner’s health and safety. Often, due to financial limitations, these home repairs cannot be addressed and as a result, an older adult’s safety may be compromised. A fall, injury or even just the threat of such an incident can affect an older person’s ability to remain in his/her home.


The Minor Home Repair Program is the one of the programs within the City of Billings that assists low-income older homeowners to address critical safety concerns in their homes.


To qualify for the Minor Home Repair Program, you must be:

  • 60 and above,
  • own your home, and
  • meet income eligibility criteria.


For information about the Minor Home Repair Program or other home assistance programs, please contact  The Resource Center at (406) 259-5212 or



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