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Information & Assistance

The Adult Resource Alliance’s Information and Assistance services (I&A) is often the initial point of contact for individuals seeking information about available services.   I&A offers a variety of accurate and up-to-date information, assistance and referral services to help seniors and physically disabled adults work through the maze of available long-term care options.  Trained Specialists provide comprehensive screening, information on benefits and referrals to appropriate agencies and programs.  In addition to information and referral, our information and assistance services can help with applications for public benefits, including Medicaid, prescription-drug-plan financial assistance, energy assistance, homeowners/renters tax credits and SNAP (food stamps).

Staff can help in several ways: at the office, over the phone, and in special cases, at a residence.   There is no cost for these services.  When you contact our Information and Assistance Services, you are well on your way to accessing the many resources, services, and programs available to Yellowstone County residents.

Adult Resource Alliance Services