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Giving Opportunities


Why does your support matter?

So that a senior without food, transportation or medications will never hear…..I’m sorry…but we can’t help you.


The Adult Resource Alliance relies on the generosity of our donors.  Without the support of our donors, we could not continue to provide the quality services that we do.  All gifts, whether large or small, make a difference in the lives of our County’s most vulnerable and fragile seniors.


The Adult Resource Alliance is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit and your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Please consult with your tax advisers or the IRS to determine if a contribution is deductible. For additional information on how you can support our organization, please see below or call 406. 259.9666 for more information.



General donations


All gifts are greatly appreciated. If you wish to make a gift by check, please mail to the Adult Resource Alliance, P.O. Box 20895, Billings MT 59104.   If you wish to make a gift by credit card, call us at 406.259.9666 and we will take your credit card information by phone.  All transactions are guaranteed secure.


Online Donations


Online donations allow you to make a secure contribution to the Adult Resource Alliance at any time.


Fundraising Events


  • Yearly Event – “Rockin’ Under the Big Sky” – To raise funds for senior services provided by Adult Resource Alliance in Yellowstone County: Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Volunteers, Dinner Program at eleven meals sites, social programs, activity events, and the Resource Center that educates and offers assistance on a variety of topics.
  • Firecracker BBQ – To celebrate Independence Day, the County Commissioners and City officials serve a BBQ picnic at the Adult Resource Alliance.


Planned Gifts


Planned giving refers to any charitable gift that requires more thought and planning to execute than an average donation. The Adult Resource Alliance will consider planned gifts including but not limited to bequests, publicly traded securities, tangible personal property, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and real property. If you have any questions, please contact the Adult Resource Alliance at 259.9666.


  • BequestsA bequest is perhaps the easiest way to make a lasting gift to the Adult Resource Alliance.


I bequeath the sum of _______ to the Adult Resource Alliance of Yellowstone County.


Endowment Fund

Contributing to our Endowment Fund will help ensure that the Adult Resource Alliance can continue to provide quality services to local seniors in need well into the future.  There are many ways an individual may contribute to our Endowment. Gifts of cash, stocks and planned gifts such as bequests are common ways as are gifts of real estate and life insurance.  The Montana Endowment Tax Credit allows donors to pay less in state income taxes.


Memorial Donations

A memorial gift to the Adult Resource Alliance is a thoughtful way to express your sympathy and honor a departed loved one. An Adult Resource Alliance memorial not only remembers the life of a loved one, it also offers hope to seniors in need throughout Yellowstone County.


Honorarium Donations

There are many ways to honor someone you love with a donation to the Adult Resource Alliance. Holidays, birthdays, weddings or just everyday good deeds can be a reason to celebrate – and transferring that good feeling to direct aid for seniors is the sweetest gift of all.


Designating the Use of a Gift


  • Unrestricted – The most useful type of gift is unrestricted, allowing the funds to be allocated by the Adult Resource Alliance wherever the need is the greatest.


  • Restricted – You may designate your gift to support a special program or purpose that reflects your personal or professional interest.  If the gift is restricted to a specific purpose, it is important that the following wording be added at the end of the provision. This will ensure that, if the specified purpose no longer needs funds in the future, an alternate use for the gift may be determined.

“….. for so long as the Board of Directors of the Adult Resource Alliance determines that the need exists. Should the need no longer exist, said Board of Directors may, in its sole discretion, direct the use of my gift for a purpose related as closely as possible to that stated above.”


Introducing the Blanche Vavra Legacy Society


Once you have made a planned gift, we would appreciate it if you would notify us.  Your notification will allow us to respond to you with the appropriate recognition, including your inclusion in our Blanche Vavra Legacy Society.

Blanche was a very special donor whose bequest allowed us to move into our forever home at 1505 Avenue D.  In addition, knowing that a planned gift has been made to the Adult Resource Alliance will help us look ahead in our planning and projections.  Your gift will also have a positive effect on others who may be considering a planned gift to our organization.  But if you wish for your gift to remain confidential, we will, of course, respect your wishes.  Please contact the Adult Resource Alliance at 259.9666 with any questions you may have.

It is important that you always
consult your personal
legal or tax advisor when deciding to
plan a gift for the Adult Resource Alliance.