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Alliance Volunteer Program


The Alliance Volunteer Program (AVP) provides a wide variety of enriching volunteer opportunities for older adults in Yellowstone County.   AVP volunteers are tremendously important! Because of the volunteer support they contribute, the Adult Resource Alliance of Yellowstone County is able to achieve its mission: to ensure seniors remain independent with the highest possible quality of life. Volunteers help us with our day-to-day activities, which is essential to providing quality services. We value each and every one of our volunteers and so do the seniors we serve.   Additionally, AVP volunteers may be referred to a local nonprofit agency or public entity when their skill, experience, and interest complement a volunteer opportunity that is available. AVP representatives help individuals make suitable matches that bring purpose and satisfaction to those who volunteer.   Adult Resource Alliance launched AVP in April 2015 to continue strengthening its successful volunteer program that has served county residents since 1975. AVP will allow greater flexibility in future programming, add services and increase collaboration with nonprofit and business partners in the community. As new services are added, they will provide even more engagement and educational opportunities that will appeal to older adults in our community.  

Volunteering is a wonderful activity for older adults, in particular, to be involved in — an activity that benefits both society and the volunteers’ own health. They have a great deal of knowledge and experience to share. And by volunteering, they become more engaged in their world and often experience improvements in mental health and physical functioning.


  To learn more about AVP, please click on the links below: